TRIGGER WARNING!!! The false deliverance gospel is absolutely appalling, and it has crept into formerly sound churches. This crowd blames everything on an evil spirit, demon, or devil. Christians who have the indwelling of the Holy Ghost are […]
Does John 20:23 teach that we can forgive sins? Some have interpreted this text to imply that believers have the authority to forgive sins based on our power and authority. But is that what the Bible teaches? Let’s […]
Today, I wish to address whether or not the Bible condones or even regulates chattel slavery or owning humans as property. In this two-part series, we will examine the Bible’s position on slavery. In this video, we will […]
I have had several ask me about my conversion. What is my testimony? How did I come to faith in Christ? I have been asked to make a video discussing my salvation. Today, I will answer that question. […]