Do modern versions corrupt the scripture by not using “study” in 2 TImothy 2:15? Here are the cold hard facts without commentary. Let the reader decide. Version Comparisons 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV Study to shew thyself approved unto […]
1 Timothy 3:16 is a common verse that KJVO like to use to attack modern English versions. The argument is not new, but this week, the KJVO rallied behind this graphic that says, “SEE THE BIG DIFFERENCE”. The […]
I am part of a Facebook Group that discusses Textual Criticism, particularly that of the New Testament. There was a little bit of a dust-up yesterday when… I had better not say King James Onlyist, but I really […]
Note: although I did not mention the person by name or give attribution to his tweet, a brother whose tweet I shared has denied any affiliation with the overlapping “circles”. Here is the tweeted correction: “Based on our […]
Several years ago, I had a man at church tell me that Christmas trees were pagan idols and were expressly forbidden in the Bible. He used Jeremiah 10:2-4 to prove his point. How brilliant is it that God […]
Does Isaiah 9:6 Debunk the Trinity? How could I even ask such a question? Because many Oneness Pentecostals use it to disprove the Trinity. Sadly, many Trinitarians contribute to the problem because they simply do not know how […]
In The Trinity Delusion’s video, “Trinity: James White Caught with his own Contradiction” (, the accusation is made that Dr. James White contradicted statements in his book, “The Forgotten Trinity” in a video on his old YouTube channel […]
Two videos on Revelation 1:8 and the one thing that keeps coming up is Tertullian. One quote, in particular, keeps being brought up as evidence to support Erasmus’ omission of “God” from Revelation 1:8. This is an error […]
“Modern Versions Leave out the Most Crucial word denoting “Jesus Thou” Son of God. The Verse in the Modern Versions doesn’t sound Right. Like it’s Missing the Fullness of its Rendering. Like the Devil’s don’t want to make […]
Someone sent me this graphic and asked that I comment on it. As you can see, there is a variant at the beginning of John 9:4. TR-based English versions usually prefer “I” where modern English versions that follow […]