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  1. I do not have the words to express the feelings that are struggling inside of me at this moment. while my experience in the IFB arena has some parallels to yours, I do feel your pain very keenly. I will keep you in prayer as you go through this trial. and no, they will never go to the source, they will never apologize and they will never admit to wrong doing. such is the leadership of the IFB. They will only parrot the party line or remain silent.

    In Christ Jesus

  2. The KJV onlyism of independent baptists and some others has led to unnecessary divisions within the church that should not be. Insisting that everybody in a local church use ONLY the KJV is just legalism. There are too many translations out there. It is a money making business. There are some bad translations out there that people probably should not be using. But there are several modern translations that are faithful that people can be comfortable studying out of. Some of the ones that are trustworthy are the NKJV,NASB,ESV and the Legacy Standard Bible. People who are the most in the know about the original languages and translations consistently point to the original New American Standard Bible of 1995 as the most accurate translation that has ever been produced in history. It may have just been surpassed by the Legacy Standard Bible. Firing people,dividing from people or separating over Bible translations is sinful. Church splits that have occurred because of it have been destructive. I recommend a conservative non-charismatic free grace oriented independent Bible church when looking for a good church. They are typical orthodox and fundamental in the things that matter. They typically preach good doctrinal,expository verse by verse preaching and teaching.

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