Brooke Foss Westcott has long been a person of controversy and is considered anathema to King James Version Onlyists. His work, along with Fenton Hort and others, in producing The New Testament in Original Greek in 1881 has […]
Today I want to deal with this info graphic. This is produced by Jack McElroy. He is the author of several King James version only books. One of his books, “can you trust just one Bible”, contains list […]
I have seen a few statements like these: “Modern Bibles are not a product of Biblical Christianity” “Your Modern Version is Roman Catholic” Why? Because, according to critics, the United Bible Societies “has the backing of the Vatican”. […]
“Modern Versions Leave out the Most Crucial word denoting “Jesus Thou” Son of God. The Verse in the Modern Versions doesn’t sound Right. Like it’s Missing the Fullness of its Rendering. Like the Devil’s don’t want to make […]
In this video, I want to address one particular commenter’s arguments that really summarize the vast majority of comments I have received. I have been told that I don’t believe the Bible. I am not saved. One commenter […]