Mid-Acts Dispensationalism teaches that the early church was still Jewish and largely under a dispensation of works. They either move Jesus into the Dispensation of Law or they carve out a new dispensation specifically for the time of the gospels.

There are some notable characteristics of those that hold to this ideology. First, Mid-Acts Dispensationalists teach that Jesus came ONLY to the Jews and NOT to the Gentiles. According to them, Jesus preached salvation by works and obedience to the Law. This is evidenced by Jesus teaching in Matthew concerning the “Kingdom of Heaven”. They also use the notion that Jesus preached repentance and believing the gospel as requirements for salvation to support their position that salvation was by works according to Jesus.

Mid-Acts Dispensationalists teach that people today are not saved by the message of Jesus and the 11 Apostles in the gospels. The Apostle Paul is the Apostle to the Gentiles And his gospel as stated in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 is the ONLY gospel that saves today. Not only is Paul’s gospel the only gospel that saves today. but it is in fact a DIFFERENT gospel than what Jesus preached during his ministry.

To Mid-Acts Dispensationalists, Paul is essential for anyone’s salvation today. But not all of Paul’s writings are accepted, only the epistles of Romans through Philemon are accepted as valid teachings in this current dispensation.

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