Please pray that this video has a positive impact and please pray for me to have grace and strength to handle the incoming. What is legalism? When I speak of “legalism” within the IFB, I am referring to […]
This month, I celebrate my 45th birthday. More importantly, this month marks 29 years since Christ did a marvelous work of salvation in my life and called me into the ministry. As I reflect on 29 years of […]
I did a thing today. Pray for me. A Passionate Plea to All Independent Baptists (IFB) CONTACT INFORMATION:WAYS TO DONATE: https://jonathanburris.comPODCAST:
In part one of this series, we looked at the modern experience of speaking in tongues in comparison to the Biblical definition. Today, we continue that in investigating the practice of praying in tongues. Ephesians 6:18 and Jude […]
Is the Modern Experience of Speaking in Tongues Biblical? What is the gift of speaking in tongues? Is the gift of tongues for today? Please make sure to watch to the end. Whether you believe tongues are passed […]
This past Sunday evening was a special day for me and my church family. My son, Nathan, spoke for the first time at church. I would like to say that I helped him with sermon prep, but I […]
Mid-Acts Dispensationalism teaches that the early church was still Jewish and largely under a dispensation of works. They either move Jesus into the Dispensation of Law or they carve out a new dispensation specifically for the time of […]
Psalm 12:6-7 are often quoted without any context. I hear it used frequently by preachers to declare that God has preserved his word. But is that really what these verses are talking about? Grab your Bible, pause the […]
Stanley argues that the modern church needs to “unhitch from the Old Testament,” and be stripped of “old covenant leftovers” that only “slow us down, divide us up, and confuse those standing from the outside peering in.” The […]