Acts 8:37 is one of the favorite verses among King James Version Onlyists as an example of a modern English Version corruption or perversion. Why do King James Onlyists accuse the editors of modern versions of removing this verse? Because, modern versions are created by unsaved people who wish to take away the idea of needing to believe the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation before baptism. But before we deal with the verse itself, let’s address the outright silliness of the accusation. If you wanted to truly keep people from the truth, why would you remove Acts 8:37 and leave John 3:16 or John 3:18 or John 4:42 or John 8:24 or John 10:38 or John 13:19 or John 14:1 or John 20:27 or John 20:31 or Matthew 18:6 or Acts 16:31 or Romans 10:9 or 1 Peter 1:8-12. Every single one of those verses speaks of believing in or on the Lord Jesus Christ and they all are in modern English versions. If the intention of the modern English version editors or translators was to water down the truth of believing in Christ for salvation, they were either incredibly inept or stupid. So, let me present to you the hypothesis that the modern English version editors were not inept or stupid and neither were they attempting to remove salvation by grace through faith from the text of scripture, but rather they acted upon the textual evidence they had access to. I know that sounds like an impossibility to the King James Onlyist, but let me see if I can present a case. First, let’s look at the verse in question.


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