1 Timothy 3:16 is a common verse that KJVO like to use to attack modern English versions. The argument is not new, but this week, the KJVO rallied behind this graphic that says, “SEE THE BIG DIFFERENCE”. The KJVO say that by using the word “He” instead of “God”, modern versions are attacking the deity of Jesus Christ. I want to quickly point out the hypocrisy of the KJVO because when I did my video on Revelation 1:8 where the KJV leaves out “God” and the modern English versions do have it there, presenting a clear statement that Jesus is God, they argue that the KJV is perfect and should not have “God” there. The sad reality is that many simply do not care about the evidence. Whatever the KJV says must be the only acceptable reading and as was the case this week with me, you will be called a bible-denier, a heretic, and even a devil. Yep, apparently, I am a devil beyond hope for salvation because I hold to the same view of preservation and inerrancy that the KJV translators held to. But let’s focus on this graphic. It points out that modern versions use “he” rather than “God”. Then it states, “The BIG QUESTION is WHY?” But it never answers the question. And I think an even bigger question is, why? Why does this graphic or the people who rallied behind it not give an answer at least explaining why there is a difference in readings here. If you will stick with me in this video, I want to show you some extreme irony. The BIG DIFFERENCE between “God” and “he” in 1 Timothy 3:16 is incredibly small. I will take a few minutes to show you this, but it is something that will go a long way to demonstrating that issues like this are not dividing issues. Let me show you.


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