We have a MAJOR problem. Many Dispensationalists (not all) simply cannot defend the consistency, coherency, and cohesiveness of the scripture. Almost daily, I get emails, private messages, and more about how I don’t understand the gospel because I don’t accept that Jesus preached a works gospel and that Paul preached the true gospel of grace. I readily get told that Hebrews and James are for Tribulation Jews and not for the Christian Church. I am told that the gospels do not contain a gospel that saves today. Jews have one way of being saved. Gentiles another. There is one gospel for this time period and another gospel for this other dispensation, and yet another gospel for this time yet to come. It is frustrating on so many levels. Some time back, I did a video titled, “What Good is a Perfect Bible if You Have Horrible Theology?” These guys will fight to the death in defense of the King James Version and tell everyone they know that one must rightly divide the word of truth, only to butcher the gospel. There is a pox on the Christian church today. There is a cancer within Fundamentalism. I wish I could say that it could be limited to Mid-Acts Dispensationalism, but it cannot. Many Dispensationalists proclaim Mid-Acts Dispensationalism and then deny that they do so. But, they still divide the gospel. There are several popular IFB Internet preachers espousing this heresy of multiple gospels. They will tell you that people were saved by works at one point in the past. Then there was a time when people were saved by faith+works. Now, one can only be saved by Paul’s gospel (not Jesus’), and during the Great Tribulation, works will once again be required for people to be saved.

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