Note: although I did not mention the person by name or give attribution to his tweet, a brother whose tweet I shared has denied any affiliation with the overlapping “circles”. Here is the tweeted correction: “Based on our private conversation, Bro Poindexter says he has never had the middle man in his pulpit and has denied being associated with him. The other brother spoke of affiliation with him to me. Nevertheless I take this brother at his word. That’s why I didn’t name names. 😉” Update: I have since learned that, since this pastor denied even being affiliated with this “middle man”, I have found that this pastor has photos on his Facebook page with this person where he preached with this person in the same meeting two years in a row. Let Us Prey: A Ministry of Scandals, a documentary exposing abuse within the IFB dropped and the responses of IFB pastors and those in the IFB are interesting. As someone who spent nearly three decades in that movement, I have found the responses largely unsurprising to say the least. I wish to provide a little commentary on what is going on. One of the most frequent responses I am seeing on social media from IFB pastors is ad-hominem or the informal logical fallacy of “attacking the man”. First, they are attacking Eric Skwarczynski, the star of the series. He is also the host of Preacher Boys Podcast and has a social media presence focused on exposing the physical, mental, and sexual abuse within the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement. Eric is an admitted apostate and I have seen some IFB pastors referring to him as “Eric the apostate” in their responses to his work.



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