Today, I want to respond to an article that was published on Catholic Answers yesterday called, “Turning the Tables on a Protestant Prooftext” by Emily Torres. A friend of mine who swam the Tiber and converted to Roman Catholicism some years ago shared this article on Facebook yesterday and I responded to it there in hopes that my friend would read it and see the error of the article. This article is written by Emily Torres, a social media influencer who converted to Catholicism from a non-denominational background in 2021. She has a podcast called “Catholic Converts” and explores Catholic apologetics according to her bio on Catholic Answers. This was her first published article on Catholic Answers. This article demonstrates that while she may have converted to Catholicism and be interested in apologetics, she is not ready for Prime Time. This is not an attack on this young lady. It is, however, a critique of her inability to exposit, exegete, and apply a consistent hermeneutic to a particular text in order to draw out the clear meaning of the text.

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