Is the Drying Up of the Euphrates River a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? A recent Internet craze has people all in an uproar. Why is the Euphrates drying up, and most importantly, is this a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? The Euphrates River, is nearly 1,740 miles long. It flows from Turkey into Syria, Iraq, and empties into the Persian Gulf. It is one of the most important rivers in human history as the land around it and the Tigris make up what we know as The Fertile Crescent that spans several Middle-Eastern countries. The Euphrates River originates in southeastern Turkey and is the main source of clean drinking water as well as hydroelectric power for around 12 Million people that live along its banks. Additionally, it is a critical means of navigation and transportation of people and goods. But recently, social media has been bombarded by posts that say that the Euphrates is drying up in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Before and After Photos:


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